A lot of new things have been happening for Team North Carolina. For instance, we have now changed our legal name to North Carolina Transplant Athletes. The previous name was from many years ago when North and South Carolina were one team so this was a much needed update. While we have reserved our new name with the Secretary of State, we still have much paperwork to go through to get our nonprofit off the ground. (During this transition time, we are still able to fundraise under our old nonprofit.)

What else is new? During the past year, Team NC members helped out at both donor recruitment and fundraising events for Donate Life NC and Carolina Donor Services. We have wanted to go the extra step by having our own tables at these events but had no way to do that. So we purchased a small folding table and a team banner – now we are in business!

The Logistics of New
A new logo also came along with our new name. Yay for graphic design friends who donate their time to our team! At the past two Games, NC’s logo was centered around a lighthouse. That is a very iconic image from NC! But we wanted to create something closer to what we both have experienced at the Games – a feeling of happiness and togetherness. A rainbow! We want to share this feeling across our state as we spread the word about the Transplant Games.

Which brings me to the final new thing to mention: our new website! If you are reading this, then you have obviously found us. We have poured our heart and soul into what Team NC is becoming, and we very much hope you all will embrace it as well. I hope it will inspire some new folks to join us at the 2018 Games in Salt Lake City.

Health and happiness,

Laura P Smith, Team Co-Manager
Double Lung Recipient, 2014

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